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Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qemzi

Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qemzi is a multifaceted creative, renowned as a visual artist, video composer, curator, and creative consultant. She creates captivating, immersive projects to convey the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of the UAE, both on a local and global scale. Al Qemzi holds an MFA in Theater and Integrated Media with a concentration in Video for Performance at Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts) and a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Zayed University. Her interactive video composition invites audiences to reflect on the space in-between us as beings, our thoughts, the layers of earth, and beyond, through a collective of moving images that are imprinted on fabric and threads.

Hind has been collaborating with Total Arts Gallery on many projects, including:

- Video Installation, Dreamscape, Nov 2023, A looping video projection casts a montage of found images into the space. The textures and tones of the region’s land surfaces are filtered and distorted so they appear hazy, just out of grasp of comprehension. These scenes dissolve into draped fabric offering a sense of the flickering of light and shade, experienced as one moves through the forest. Hind’s habitat invites viewers to traverse and connect to the space, forging an intimate relationship with it.

- Video Installation “Ma’bain’albainain (ما بين البينين)” , March 2022
A meditative video composition that invites spectators to reflect on the space in-between us as beings, the space in-between our thoughts, the space in-between layers of earth and beyond. A collective of moving images that are imprinted on fabric and threads.

- Video Installation, “ I am she who I was or will be” January 2021
Playing with the architectural features of the space and using the mashrabiya window frame to integrate her installation and thus, create an interaction between the visitor and the space.

- Collaborative design installation, “0.0625mm in diameter - Al Hatheera, November 2019
a design experience featuring furniture design, photography, video objects, and programming throughout the week, supported and managed by Hamzat Wasl Studio - a creative community collective. The show was curated and designed by Hind Bin Demaithan (featuring herself); Jawaher Al Khayyal and Ola Allouz. The design installation will be activated by live music, spoken word poetry, private photoshoot sessions, falcon interactions, and more.

Hind is also the Founder and creative director of Hamzat Wasl Art and Design Management Studio. A member of the Dubai Creative Unit under The Executive Office Dubai. She has previously held various positions in the art and cultural scene of the UAE such as Head Curator of Dubai Design District (d3).

Her work has been displayed at leading venues in France, Korea, the UK, Slovenia, and Italy. Demaithan has represented the UAE on several occasions including Design Connections, London Design Pavilion (Venice Biennale, 2009), The Sheikha Manal Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum Art Exchange Programme, Frieze Art Fair (UK, 2009); ART Basel (Switzerland, 2008) and ART Basel Miami Beach (USA, 2009).

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