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Nelda Gilliam paints, draws and does small sculptures and installations. She was born in Texas, USA, and studied fine art at the University of Houston.


Texas and the Alfred C. Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas. She was active in art organizations in Houston where she was a Board Member of the Houston Women's Caucus for Art, and was an active participant in Women In The Visual and Literary Arts.


She has been in group and solo exhibitions in Houston, Saudi Aramco, and Dubai and was in the Sharjah UAE Juried biennial in 1999. She exhibits regularly at XVA Gallery in Dubai.


"My work is intuitive. I rarely plan an image. I like working in anticipation of the moment, constantly doing and undoing until I have revealed just enough information. In other words, I feel the obvious. My work expresses my life's experiences, my daily life."

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