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Zayed University Faculty

12 Artists

May 2004

An exhibition of art and design work by a group of artists that are also faculty at Zayed University.
The artists in the exhibition are Neil Chowdhury, Jason DeMarte, Todd DeVriese, Terence Dowse, Françoise Durese, Russell Hamilton, Chae Lee, Heather Muise, Karen Oremus, Michael Rodriguez, Thomas Tucker, and Selma Tufail.
The variety of media that the artists are displaying in the exhibition includes large format photography, digital photography, graphic design, painting and drawing, collage and printmaking. 

Participating Artists information:

Neil Chowdhury has taught in the past at the College for Creative Studies, in Detroit, Michigan, as well as worked as a creative photographer for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. 


Selma Tufail has been an instructor at Zayed University for the last six years. She has taught in the areas of painting and drawing, art education courses, and professional practices for artists and designers in the UAE.


Françoise Durésé received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has exhibited widely, from Mannheim, Germany, to the Capolavori Gallery, in Seattle, Washington.


Heather Muise's area of expertise is printmaking, and has exhibited at Sharjah Art Gallery, the University of Northern Illinois, and the University of Alaska.


Jason P. DeMarte received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Visual Design from the Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has worked as a Computer Visualization Technology specialist, producing animated works seen on the WB and UPN television networks in the United States.


Chae Ho Lee is an educator and working design professional. He has worked for a number of prestigious and award winning Design Studios and Advertising agencies in the Pacific rim and New York City. Mr. Lee also served as Art Director for the Asia Society a NGO with offices internationally that promotes Asian art, education, culture, issues and business relations.


Thomas J. Tucker has worked professionally as the Head of the web development, multimedia and video production at Image Source Creative, in Chicago, Illinois. He has been a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation fellowship, and exhibited at the Aaron Packer Gallery and the Contemporary Art Workshop in Chicago. 


Michael Ben Rodriguez has served as a consultant to the Ohio Historical society, in the restoration and recreation of Native American artifacts.


Terence Dowse's artwork centers on the development of creative work in the areas of painting, drawing and printmaking.


Russell Hamilton has also been an artist in residence at the Studio Museum In Harlem, New York City; the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, Washington; and worked as an artist in residence in the Seattle Public Schools system.


Karen Oremus is an artist that works primarily in the medium of printmaking. Her artwork has been shown in galleries and museums internationally, such as Canada, the United States, Italy, Croatia and England.

Todd DeVriese's professional work encompasses traditional media such as collage, painting and sculpture, as well as electronic media. His artwork has been shown in places such as The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Art Museum, and the University of Akron.

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