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By Shirin Neshat and Fereydoun Ave

March-May 2019

The exhibition will be a dialogue between two classical figures and elements between both of their work. Both artists in their own way are searching for their proper complex multilayered identities. The exhibition will contain Fereydoun’s work from various series of Book of Kings that he has done over the years, mostly mixed media & collage on paper (including the most recent series Rostam in Iranestan - 2018 & Rostam’s puzzles - 2018).


Along with the images of Masses & Patriot of Shirin’s Book of Kings series (2012-2013), there are also her sketches, studies and tests for the projects, the journey which led to the final presentation. Shirin Neshat is best known for her videos, photographs and films and Fereydoun Ave for his mixed media works on paper.”


The BOOK OF KINGS is an epic poem written in the 10th century by Ferdowsi in Tus comparable to Homer's Iliad. It deals with mythological Persian archetypes, kings, lovers, demons, and heroes.


Visual Dialogue is a continuing series between curator Fereydoun Ave and Total Arts at the Courtyard, juxtaposition of works & artists to create a Visual Dialogue. This exhibition will be the 10th in this series.

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