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16 UAE Contemporary Artists

April 2006

The exhibition is a window that overlooks the eternal question of art. It is also a gateway and a new memorandum on the nature of the many art galleries in the United Arab Emirates that are increasingly offering works of a commercial nature. The time has come for breaking the monopoly of certain artists, and indeed a certain audience, on art galleries across the Emirates. The role of an art gallery must transcend the narrow concept of profit and become a tool effective in the spreading and adaptation of a serious visual culture. As artists, we have never displayed our works in an arts gallery in the United Arab Emirates despite some of the works being displayed and critically acclaimed in international exhibitions and biennials in Europe and America. Total Arts Gallery in Dubai that adopts these experiences today and presents them to the public would in fact be participating in spreading a new visual artistic language that speaks of more than one concept and that has multiple layers of intellectual and social underpinnings.


Participating Artists:

Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Hassan Sharif, Hussain Sharif, Ahmed Sharif, Khalil Abdulwahed, Abdul Rahman Al Mua’ani, Abdullah Al Saadi, Laila Jumaa, Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed Kazem, Mona Abdul Qadir, Moza Bushlabi, Naser Abdullah, Nuha Asad, Huda Saeed, Naser Ahmed 

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