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Born 1955

Dubai, UAE

Abdul Raheem Salem came from humble roots to establish himself as one of the UAE’s leading artists. He spent his childhood by the sea in Sharjah and Dubai. Upon the death of his father, his mother took him to live with his grandmother in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she was employed in a large family house.

Abdul Raheem Salem is one of the pioneers in contemporary art in the UAE and the Gulf. He is one of the first artists who was brave enough to venture into contemporary art and has been continuously surprising his audience with new works and established himself as a leading artist. Salem has been inspirational to many young artists in the UAE and has made his country proud through his many exhibitions abroad with his distinctive style and powerful presents.

It is not easy to separate Abdul Raheem Salem's life from his sculpture and art. His studies in Egypt paved the way for his work in a variety of different materials. Salem’s work from that time stresses the identity of Arab heritage. His paintings are free from the concern of visual limits - clearly shown in the way he presents darkness and light in cognitive harmony.

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