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Abstract Expressions

Mostafa Dashti, Farid Jahangir, Ata Hasheminejhad

December 2005

Mostafa Dashti is one of the most active and much talked about contemporary painters in Iran. He was born and grew up in Khash, a city in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan. His attachments to nature, i.e. the desert and the mountains, comes from these years which are reflected in his early paintings. Even though his recent paintings are purely abstract, we can still find the traces of nature that come from his childhood years. The strong and fainted colors in Mostafa’s works still somehow give the feelings of the landscape. Mostafa uses all available media and techniques to reach at his ideas. His paintings take the viewer to faraway places.

The beauty of Farid Jahangir’s paintings is that he doesn’t travel far to be inspired for his paintings. Farid’s paintings are selected images composed in the style of still life which surround him, especially those of his home/ studio. You can find the inner peace that the artist has with himself and his environment in these paintings. The way that Farid paints is that he looks around him and he finds images to paint them. For example, among Farid’s subjects are the tree in his yard, his friends, his tools, and his furniture. When you look at Farid’s paintings, you can imagine the life style he lives in. Through painting, Farid records his surroundings with his strong touch of paint and his creative strokes.

Ata Hasheminejad is also inspired by his surroundings. Ata sees the world through his window frame in his village of Lavasan located in the mountains east of Tehran. His paintings are made of varieties of compositions of sky and views of the hills, and mostly of clouds. Ata paints in oil in solitude and with patience. 

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