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Across Seven Fields

Group Exhibition

November 2021



Across Seven Fields is a presentation of Seven artists’ work & practice, whether displayed as a completed work of art or in progress, it’s the reflection of a creative journey and integral to each artist’s growth and vision.


The exhibition triggers the dialogue between artists and creative minds regardless of the visual & conceptual dissimilarity and diversity of their work, it also explores the relation of each artist with the exhibition space itself, close or far memories, and connections. 


Participating artists include, 

Emma Boyce (pause, observe, sketch & escape, fine liner or pencil on paper, 2020-21)

Ivan Bondarenko (untitled pages, fine liner or pencil on paper, 2020-21)

Kourosh Salehi (Tarrogan Fields, 1999)

Mozhdeh Zandieh- Grayson (Hands, Hearts, Skins, Eyes, mixed media, 2019-21)

Steven Gifford (Study of flowers, watercolour on paper, 2018-19)

Yasmin Sinai (Self portrait, paper mache, 2021)

Zia Ismail (Imprint, mixed media, 2020-21)


As part of this exhibition’s programming, on Saturday, November 13th from 11.30 to 12.30 pm, we will host a poetry reading by Poet & Novelist Siddharth Dasgupta.


Emma Boyce’s visual diary is the result of many sessions of exploring. 

Using Fine liner, as her favourite medium, allows her to quickly translate her observations onto paper and freeze and record a moment or feeling, then return to that memory at a later time to add more detail. This process is used for the trio ‘Hermit Crab’, ‘Beau Vallon Beach’ and ‘Fixing my toe’. A similar approach is taken for the Al Bastakiya pencil drawings.

Ivan Bondarenko is a designer and entomologist whose work is greatly inspired by the meticulous observation and study of the segmented body plan of insects. Fascinated by the mechanism and function of insects’ anatomy and life habits, they became one of the main subjects for his drawings and affected the other area of his practice whether as a model maker, bookbinder or a tattoo artist.

Kourosh Salehi is a practising architect and a visual artist who constructs the narrative of emotional severance from people, places and time – a personal journey that is patched together using old letters, photos, digital imagery, and hand drawings.

His video-art films represent a temporal distortion of memory and the process of creating a personal mythology. Longing and reconciliation are common themes and are repeatedly invoked in his films.

Mozhdeh Zandieh- Grayson is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose works cover mixed-media photography, motion art, sculpture, installation, diagrams, drawing and painting. The concept of her works emerges from her lived experiences, questioning and exploring human relations and perception in vital and emotional states in communication. Her primary point of reference is the human mind and the human body, pondering the philosophy of 'border' in one's exterior and interior being. Mozhdeh has exhibited, nominated, featured and participated in several international art shows, events, contests and awards.

Steven Gifford, as an accomplished architect Steven first found himself drawn to images of monuments, places, and cityscapes, capturing the emotion of architecture in watercolour paintings. He later expanded his subjects to landscapes, flowers & abstract paintings.
In his paintings, light & dark, warm & cool, and manmade & natural worlds are expressed with the diffused watercolour washes and faint shadows.


Yasmin Sinai’s material of choice is paper, which is symbolic of her overall aesthetic and approach to personal expression. She mixes paper and cardboard to create dynamic and immersive installations and dramatic sculptures, often forming narrative scenes that feel both realistic and whimsical.

Yasmin’s work has been exhibited worldwide and participated, conducted, and awarded with numerous awards &workshops.


Zia Ismail, an architect by education and practicing artist, her artwork is driven by her love of nature and her in-depth observation of details. Deeply inspired by the diversity of flora and fauna in Zia’s hometown (Kerala, India), her work is characterized by true-to-life impressions of environmental elements, playing with textures, colour variations, and anatomy. She is experimenting with various mediums, from felt pin to watercolour and acrylic, and the most recent series “Imprint” is the first time using light as her medium.

Siddharth Dasgupta is an Indian writer of poetry & fiction. His literature dances with the ethnicities of desire and the pull of cities, both known and foreign. Siddharth’s books include Letters From an Indian Summer and The Sacred Sorrow of Sparrows. His words appear in literary journals across the world, while he has read in places like Mandalay, Bombay, Paris, Amsterdam, Galle, Lucknow, and Istanbul. Occasionally, Siddharth explores fragments of travel and culture for a smattering of publications. He lives within the swirling nostalgias of the city of Poona.

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