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March 2018

A visual dialogue between the modern and contemporary art scenes in Iran and Africa curated by Fereydoun Ave himself, a collector, artist and curator.

Visual Dialogue is an attempt to let the visuals communicate and create a dialogue which in its dynamic is not verbal or intellectual but atmospheric and poetical.

Based in Dubai and located in a professional art storage space is Mr. Farhad

Bakhtiar's collection of Iranian and African art. It is from this treasure trove that Africa/Africa is being curated.

The series Visual Dialogue is an ongoing series of exhibitions at Total Arts at the Courtyard which started in 2013 with "My favorite things” and continued with ”Roots” (2014), “Behjat Sadr and Nazgol Ansarinia” (2015), "Cy Twombly and the line calligraphic” (2016), "Image of the self” (2017), "Yektai and Matine-Daftary" (Tehran - 2017)

Mr. Farhad Bakhtiar is a Dubai based collector whose collection of Iranian modern & contemporary art, over two decades, has grown organically from a passionate eye’s choice into a spectacular collection. Today, Mr. Bakhtiar’s extensive and broad ranging collection doesn’t limit itself to only Iranian artists, but also outstanding pieces of African artists from various countries that he frequently visits, notably Uganda and Kenya, which all together form a visually cohesive collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures.


The featuring artists are:

Carla da Cruz, South Africa

Amartey Golding, Ghana

Ehoodi Kichapi, Kenya

Dickens Otieno, Kenya

Paul Ndema, Uganda

Hendrik Stroebel, South Africa

Press coverage of the exhibition in Harpers Bazaar Arabia

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