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Born 1961

Kaolack, Senegal


Amadou Kan-si was born in April 1961 in Kaolack, Senegal and studied law before turning to artistic expression. After a stint at the School of Fine Arts in Dakar, he developed a multi-faceted art project, involving artistic exchange amongst colleagues and interventions within the community at large.

Always guided by the beauty, rigour and constant quest for purity one can see in his work, Amadou is committed to social causes and is known for his intellectual actions both in urban and rural areas.


Today, he has taken on the permanent challenge of becoming one of the emblematic figures of contemporary art in Senegal. His training is ongoing and allows him to travel constantly, which in return provides him with an excellent excuse to strengthen his intellectual capacity and spiritual maturity.

One of Kan-si’s recent projects together with artist Muhsana Ali is a Wall Installation at Philadelphia Penn Museum. (image 3 & 4,  courtesy of artists)

“ PRESENCE OF A FUNDAMENTAL ABSENCE” is a powerful response to the history of collecting at western museums. Everyday objects found in Senegal—from teakettles to animal bones to ceramic tiles—form an abstract map that highlights the movement of African objects from their place of birth into the Diaspora.

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