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Beads, Stones and Necklaces

Mohseni Kermanshahi

January 2011

Bits and pieces, vibrant colors, light and shadows, textures, rhythms and compositions are what make up this series of Mohseni’s work. The strings of beads, chains of colorful stones on the walls of the jewelry shops in old souqs of Masqat dazzled him, this idea took him through other souqs, Dubai, Sharjah and Isfahan. “I photograph and sketch when I travel but more than anything I feel the space, atmosphere and capture the soul of the place. The final outcome is a combination of all that which are in short the byproduct of colors, forms and my feelings when I was in that particular space” Mohseni claims. The result of his impeccable illustrative style is the dramatically detailed images; revealing the charm and originality of the conventional and mundane subjects, which we would have missed otherwise.

Press coverage of the exhibition in Gulf News

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