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Gholamhossein Amirkhani

May 2002

Master Gholamhossein Amirkhani, with more than 40 years experience in the field of calligraphy, is probably the leading calligrapher not only in Iran but also in the Islamic world, especially in the field of Nasta’aligh. Master Amirkhani has been influenced by masters such as Sayed Hossein and Mirkhani, however he has since made great modifications in Nasta’aligh. For example the composition of circles in his works is a little bigger than the circles of whole letters, while the classic rules say that the circles must be equal.


This is a new style whereby each circle carries the visual border of previous letters. Master Amirkhani, while teaching classes at the Iranian Calligraphers Association, once said, “This style of calligraphy was done unconsciously and it hasn’t been solely my intention. However it hasn’t made any changes to the style of my work, because this type of work has always been a reality in my mind”. Another notable aspect of Master Amirkhani’s works is homogeneity and coordination among the different sections of his reed pen. This fondness for pleasant composition is carried out so skillfully that the viewer sees nothing other than an artful balance. His artworks, while attentive to the formality and etiquette of classic calligraphy, also break with tradition in the most innovative ways, making the exhibition a true visual delight.

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