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Colors of Morocco

Houda Khalladi

April 2006


Houda Khalladi’s works are largely influenced by the earth and land. By using mix media (glue, gypsum, sand, spices and pigments) she creates textures which have the visual and tangible quality of earth. Through this unique technique, she prepares the base for her paintings, often realistic flowers and still life. She finds in nature and especially in flowers a great inspiration because she spent her childhood vacations in the Swiss Alps. The infinite variety of plants she has discovered with time has led her to express her art.

A Syrian/Swiss artist, Khalladi is currently residing in Morocco, where she has been inspired by the colors and the Kasbahs of the old cities of the kingdom. Houda gives her paintings an impression of time passing, something that has passed through sun, rain, wind contrasting with the beauty and freshness of the flower.

She has studied art in the Swiss school: Formes et Couleurs in Lausanne, Switzerland and has been exhibiting her works since 2000.

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