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Contemporary Iranian Paintings

April 1999

Hussein Ahmadi-Nassab, Abbas Bloukifar, Bahram Dabiri, Farideh Lashaie, Parviz Kalantari, Nosratolah Moslemian, Hussein Maher, Hussein Mougharie, Akbar Nikanpour, Farah Osouli, Shahla Habibi, Saeed Shahlapour, Gizilla.V.Sinaie, Sadegh Tabrizi, H. Zomorodi. An important and unique introduction of the Iranian contemporary art scene. Presentation of 11 artists who are revisiting the traditional & cultural identity of Iran and translate it to modern works of art with distinctly individual characteristics.

A thoughtful reflection and encapsulation of the artist's imagination which drew inspiration from Iranian mythology, literature and religion.

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