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Contemporary Irish Artists

Francis Tansey, Andrew Manson, Attracta Ryan

May 2001

Paintings and limited edition prints by Francis Tansey, Andrew Manson and Attracta Ryan.

Francis Tansey is the most acclaimed artist of the three with twenty years experience as a professional artist.  His work can been seen in its full power, complementing the cutting edge architecture with its stark, clean lines, bold splashes of color and geometric forms.
Andrew Manson’s body of work primarily marks the tenth anniversary of the Gulf War, depicting troop movements that evoke the perennial childhood game of Battleships. The images of war are echoed in his accompanying Pollack-like series of work, where the splashes resemble the flak of tracer fire as it rises from the battlefield.
Andrew's calligraphic skills are seen in his large-scale diary pieces, which document his life experiences and make for interesting reading.

Attracta Ryan’s work celebrates ancient Celtic design with her modern interpretation of Ogham stones, the origins of Celtic writing, warming the stark images with vivid color. As a bridge between Francis and Andrew's work, Attracta's Celtic knot series combines calligraphy with luminous color and intricate line design.

Francis Tansey
Born in Dublin in 1959.

"My paintings are primarily concerned with Color and Geometry. I have studied the Color Theories of Johannes Itten, the Bauhaus movement and other Artists such as Rothkco, Vasarely and Mondrian, and have incorporated their influences into my work in a contemporary vein.
The technique I use is to first apply the Acrylic paint by brush and then to roll over it until the hues blend. This process is repeated several times until the desired density of color is achieved. The result is a uniform flat and vibrant surface that seems to pulsate in the viewer's eye; producing a holographic like, three-dimensional illusion of space. Color and geometry are to me the most international of languages. I believe that my work does relate to everyone, as color is such a universal phenomenon enjoyed by all.
Over the last twenty years my work has developed substantially from basic flat color areas, to very complicated intricate realizations of form and space, often referred to as Abstract Realism."

Andrew Manson
Born in Hove England in 1955.
Lived at Ballyrogan House since 1980.

"Having come from a background in Merchant banking at the age of 17,I set out to discover my creative skills. Firstly working in a factory, until I could attend art school. I work in three formats, film, narrative & constructionist works, always containing letters and forms (which seem to conspire to limit the human existence). I trust that the finished paintings are more a statement of form, in which all people can create at their own level. "Pure bright color-field works in which simple shapes hang in space, therein, landscapes and realistic snatches intrude. They are on the way to being abstracted or included in a larger piece". Culture has always transcended time and boundaries and Abstract Painting can open a window to the inner being without words or explanations. I have long been fascinated and interested in Middle Eastern culture as was my uncle Cecil, who helped set up the first workshops for Arab culture in the early 1900's."

Attracta Ryan
Born in Sligo in 1956

"Having spent most of my youth on the West Coast of Ireland, I grew up with a very strong scene of tradition and realized the importance of culture as the means of bridging the gaps between generations. This tradition has inspired me to produce this collection of work. The Celtic Knot and Ogham writing are dominant features in many of these works. Once a central theme is established other options and variations on the same theme are created as with the "Celtic Knot" series. The associated use of bold contrasting color, give my work a powerful impact and strength. I feel my collection of paintings, are a means of creating a cultural link, between, past and present, old and new.. "
"One World without Boundaries”

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