January to March 2021

Second Life is an exhibition sheltering repurposed objects, artworks and installations that will be dispatched throughout the multiple indoor and outdoor spaces of The Courtyard, creating an experiential journey (itinerary) for the viewer.

Mixing art, design, story-telling and workshops, this multidisciplinary exhibition is a collaborative project involving experts from different backgrounds such as artists, designers and architects. Second life acts as a  reminder to reconsider our surroundings from space to materials and act on them to serve a better purposeful function visually and conceptually. 

The indoor space has been immersed through the selected showcase to define the new purpose of the in-between space since the establishment of Courtyard in 1998. The exhibition overall also presents a  mission to raise awareness about preservation and sustainability while reflecting on our environmental responsibility. 


Participating Artists and Designers

Azza Al Qubbaisy, Dariush Zandi, Diane Mehanna, Fereydoun Ave, Grace Yacoub, Hala Kaiksow, Hessa Al Suwaidi + Rashed Qurwash, Hind Demiathan, Michael Rice, Shahad Shehail , Shaqyeq Arabi, Yasmin Sinai

the exhibition is a colloboration between Total Arts at the Courtyard and Hamzat Wasl.

 Total Arts at the Courtyard © 

 Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday 9 AM - 6 PM