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Desert Reflection

Helidon Xhixha

May 2014


Xhixha joins the sacred art of abstraction to its exact opposite: The prehensile capture of the slippery illusion of forms as they develop in time and in space. By sculpting the material the artist underlines the iridescent reflections of the steel, which, magically, becomes a source of light. In the wall reliefs treated by Helidon Xhixha with transparent solid color lacquers, or in his three-dimensional artifacts with relief on the front, there is a sensory connection with manufactured laminates of intensive relevance, unleashing an unsuspected futuristic symbolic outburst.


"Using stainless steel as the foundation of my art works has helped me to find my identity as a contemporary artist and my technique of cold – working the steel by folding it, turning inside out and marking it became my sign of recognition. Contemporary art gives me as an artist the freedom of expression and to the outside viewers the freedom of being able to capture their very own interpretation and feelings as the reflection of their thoughts. My desire is to capture and sculpt light through an intervention upon steel. I don’t sculpt steel; I use steel to sculpt light. In my works the form of the sculpture becomes of secondary importance while its capacity to reflect and illuminate takes on a primary role. My art works converse with the world, embracing it and reflecting external environments, colors and brightness. My sculptures are created to transmit light, power and positive energy." - Helidon Xhixha.

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