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Divine Names

Sedaqat Jabbari

February 2008

Sedaqat Jabbari reveals the inherent connection between Persian letter and poetic expression. He was trained both in traditional calligraphy, but also with a modern college education in fine arts. His work attempts to combine the two, a radical departure from the traditional ways of calligraphy. Jabbari’s paintings are based on the Persian letters laid out on large canvases in a graceful composition, magnificent colors and rhythm, dimension and form that reveal a sense of space and sensitivity. They express the sublime concept of an abstract rendering of the Divine Names of God, put together as if to whisper the name of the "beloved" in different tones. The empty spaces on his canvas become meaningful. Infatuation and steadfastness of letters exactly like notes in contemporary music become strong and weak and indicate how substance overshadows other elements of the work. His work is a good opportunity to show Iranian art on the edge of tradition and modernity to the multinational society of Dubai.


Sedaqat Jabbari won the Special Prize at the “3rd International Biennal of the Islamic World” 2004 in Tehran, Iran, and the Grand Prize of the “12th Shilpakala Biennal” 2006 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He held solo and group exhibitions at several prestigious art galleries in Europe, Morocco, Japan, Turkey and Pakistan. His work has been widely reproduced in art publications and magazines and he has lectured in a number of seminars and conferences, including at Cambridge University, and SOAS University. 

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