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Every You - Every Me

January 2023


Total Arts at the Courtyard is pleased to present 'Every You - Every Me' a site-specific installation conceived and executed by Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson, paying homage to Water and Hope, designed for the Fountains at the Courtyard.

'Every You - Every Me' is a metaphorical approach that symbolizes the fundamental importance of water and hope in the the context of human existence. Water is often associated with renewal, adaptability, flow, and progress. connecting people throughout history at various levels to meet diverse needs and psychologically, 'hope' is generated when people are connected.

“As an artist, I ask many questions about the complexities of our thoughts and emotions through my fascination with the science of mind and the philosophy of nature. In today's world, amid myriad changes across various dimensions of life and the globe, I constantly ponder when we talk about now and the future, what we talk about, and regardless of whether I approach this question from a subjective or collective standpoint in any discipline, I always arrive at one fundamental truth of human beings: 'hope', and this forms the core of my recent works.”

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