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Fereydoun Ave


4 March - 30 April 2023

The centre of all things is fire/light, and when under pressure, it erupts to clean and purify, to start again like the God/Goddess Shiva and Kali, like volcanoes; it is the blood that runs through our veins and the light that runs through our consciousness. 


There are eruptions all the time, great and small, physical and metaphysical. This series was triggered by a surgical intervention that surrounded me with blood + more blood + light. My wish is that this optimistic series on paper will cleanse.

The exhibition is a visual dialogue between Fereydoun Ave’s paintings and pieces from the exhibition Scraps dating back to 2009. It consisted of found objects collected by Shaqayeq Arabi and Dariush Zandi from a site of a fire that had engulfed sixty warehouses in Al-Quoz. Fire smelts things into a different stage. Elements transformed by its touch display their metamorphosis, transcended into sculptures by fire.

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