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Geometric Aljamia

Jorge Benitez, Reni Gower, Hanane Korchi, Mohammad Saleh Amin, Tanim Sahebzada and Julia Townsend

August 2014

By addressing the fundamental geometry embedded in two-dimensional art, the exhibition acknowledge hybrid connections between Europe, the Mediterranean basin, and the Middle East. Since ancient times, geometric perfection (the circle, square and triangle) has been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world. Similarities across cultures can be found embedded in many diverse ethnic patterns.

By incorporating these patterns into works of art, access and recognition is promoted, creating commonalities and important connections. Geometric ornamentation may have reached a pinnacle in the Islamic world, where it has always been assimilated into all aspects of everyday life. The exhibition attempts to examine an extended cross-cultural integration of the arts into life.

The exhibition is in conjunction with Crossing the Line 2, an international, trans-disciplinary conference dedicated to the discipline of Drawing in the Middle East.

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