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In A Space Between Rocks

March / May   2022


The title of the exhibition is less about the primary image that it suggests, the solid volume of a rock, the object of contemplation and worship nor does it refer to the big goals and priorities.

It rather denotes emptiness and porosity. “In a space in between Rocks”, where the wind blows and the water runs through. The space frames the sky and lets the rays of light penetrate the depth. The permeable space of energy and life for things to grow, ideas to develop, thoughts to wonder, and connections to be made.


The title is a verse by the wandering poet-monk Saigyo (1118-90).


The exhibition features recent works by:

Shaqayeq Arabi, Fereydoun Ave, Hind Bin Demaithan, Cyrus, Yasmin Sinai & Dariush Zandi


SHAQAYEQ ARABI’s assemblages are composed of simple materials, junk, and left-overs,… that she found in nature, actually in between rocks!

Her work is fundamentally abstract and speaks to both the built, urban environment and the natural world by combining the textures of found objects with the rawness of materials.


FERYDOUN AVE’s series of works is a play with the abstraction of letters of the two alphabets that he has a relationship with. “ Letters of the alphabet are abstract but words are not”

HIND BIN DEMAITHAN’s Video Installation “Ma’bain’albainain” is a meditative video composition that invites spectators to reflect on the space in-between us as beings, the space in-between our thoughts, the space in-between layers of earth and beyond. A collective of moving images that are imprinted on fabric and threads.


CYRUS’s eternal source of inspiration and his most influential teacher has been nature.


YASMIN SINAI’s installation is inspired by the famous book “the world of wonders” by Aja’ib Al Makhlouqat, the central  “Self Portrait”  is a Capricorn on a rock and in between rocks.

Her practice primarily draws on ancient traditions of storytelling and performance, often forming narrative scenes.  Her material of choice is paper, which is symbolic of her overall aesthetic and approach to personal expression.


DARIUSH ZANDI’s dramatic black and white photographs of the rocks are shot during his recent trips in the wilderness of the UAE, presented on rotation as well as a video installation.

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