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International Visual Arts

18 Artists

January 2004

Bridging the gap by having an eye on a constellation of art pieces of photography, painting and video shows, of artists coming from different countries, was the ultimate goal of the International Visual Arts Exhibition.

The exhibition gathers over 18 artists from Austria, Armenia, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, USA, and Iran. The exhibition is initiated by Haneen Tamari. Haneen has previously cooperated with Le Pont gallery in Aleppo, Syria.


Vibe Bredhal - Denmark, presents her photos to show the relation between what lives is and what is still.

H.H.Capor - Austria presents in his “My Daughters” an unfinished series dedicated to his real daughters who he can’t see. His portraits with the fictitious daughters are meant to express his mixture of feelings toward them.

Michel Eisenlohr - France intends to show in his “France to Africa” a winding path toward otherness and selfness. In these photographs, humans are passersby leaving behind them a sense of suspense.

Ingrid Fankhauser - Austria, in her works “cities” expressing how enthusiasm creates an image of a place, or a street, which with closer inspection leads to details that give it a name.

Sussanne Gamauf - Austria presents 10 works titled “MAQUETTES”. Out of her focus on the creative will of human kind, and the artistic intervention to nature, these images of blossoms, are used as cut-edges, cut-placements to form and to work out the model - Marquette, of an imagined sculpture. The works vary in sizes; some have been mounted on paper, some on aluminum, and some on acrylic glass.

Mansoora Hassan - Pakistan, with her “Burqa”, wishes to use these works as a point of reference to start a dialogue, and to address the stereotypes about Muslims especially post September 11 aftermath.

Boukje B. Janssen - Netherlands presents her “Motivation Work”, where you can observe the challenge to get in contact with the layer behind the direct visible, and what is hidden behind the skin. Janssen intends to make the presence-absence from shadow to reality.

Shant Khayalian - Armenia. His photos”closer to the sky than to the earth” presents interesting story of Sevan Lake in Armenia and problems of illegal-fishing. Viewer can feel himself in the middle of these photos.

Payram - French, Iranian. His project “Portrait-Passage” is a kind of human’s portrait, which has been related to a landscape. The two photos together represent a person in his mind.

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