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Emerging Artists

January 2019


Supporting of visual artists as individuals and the importance of keeping an active relationship between emerging talents and the local audience has been Total Arts' ethos over the last 2 decades of activities.
And this time we had a joint effort with @emergingartistaward which brought together 20 contemporary artists with over 40 artworks and beautifully curated the exhibition at the gallery space.

Alessandra Zaffino (Italy)
Basuki (India)
Bobby Griffing (USA - Dubai)
BorisOA (Chile - Italy)
Dalia Ali (Jordan) 
Dominique Santos (Philippines - Dubai)
Giulio Gonella (Italy)
Jhila Farzaneh (USA - Dubai) 
LeSonneur (France)
Liudmila Panenkova (Russia - Dubai)
Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson (Dubai)
Noor Naqaweh (Jordan - Dubai)
Nathaniel Alapide (Philippines - Dubai)
Rene Serrano (Mexico) 
Ramonkar (India)
Ria Sharma (India - Dubai)
Saeedeh Keshvari (Dubai) 
Sanya Arif (Pakistan)
Yutaka Inagawa (Japan)

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