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Born 1960

Shiraz, Iran

Shirazi is known as the best scripter of the Nastaliq style of calligraphy in the region. Calligraphy in his practice is instantaneous, spontaneous and expressive. Mastering classical calligraphy for over 35 years had given Karam Ali Shirazi the skill to move forward and break boundaries by exploring new means to fulfil his creative desires. He first demonstrated his improvisation style in a series of calligraphy - paintings (acrylic on canvas) in 1994 in Barg Gallery in Tehran. A year later these artworks were published in an album called Ghasedak.

Among his teachers were two of the best-known contemporary calligraphers of our time, Mo'in Isfahani and Gholamhossein Amirkhani. Shirazi has held numerous national and international exhibitions in the past. Shirazi teaches at the Society of Calligraphers in Tehran and Isfahan and at the Academy of Art in Tehran. Karam Ali Shirazi is the winner of the Dimetria's prize in Greece. He has published several books on calligraphy and has produced films on the teaching of calligraphy.

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