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Limited Edition Prints and Rare Signed Posters

November 2011

Artists through the centuries have been drawn to print making as a valid artistic media of expression (etchings, wood block printings, engravings and lithography), notable examples being Rembrandt, Goya, and the Impressionists.


With the 20th century and the high prices of art, printing became a viable way of having multiple images and making art available to more people at reasonable prices. With the pop art movement silkscreen and offset printing became intentionally used as popular commercial techniques for artistic expression.


The artists in this exhibition are all 20th and 21st century artists who have chosen to work in these mediums because they feel these are the best techniques to express what they want to express, including Cy Twombly, Richard Serra, James Rosenquist, Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, Christo, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Kieth Herring, Joan Mitchelle.


The signed posters exhibition was first presented by Fereydoun Ave at 13 Vanak St in Tehran in the 1980s when it was impossible to get original art into or out of Iran. Cy Twombly, Robert Rauchenberg and Jasper Johns were asked to sign their posters to make the show happen. These are some of them.

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