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Bahram Hajou

March 2008

Total Art Gallery of Dubai, in collaboration with Hewar Gallery of Saudi Arabia, presents the intrinsic works of legendary Arab artist, Bahram Hajou.

The paintings are known for their sensitive depiction of human beings and their innate loneliness through symbols and a continuity of motives that is as impressive as it is brilliant, potent with wisdom and understanding of human nature, and an ingenious flair with a paint brush. His peers have expressed much appreciation for Bahram's genius in translating a few strokes into a telling and poignant story.


A Syrian-born Kurd, Bahram's journey of realizing and expressing his full potential as an artist started as a child. From a very early age, the artist displayed flair and interest in art that was paralleled only by his love of classical and light music. It was music and his extremely strong views on the ultimate oneness of humanity that truly helped him bring out his fiery creative genius.


Displaying profound sensitivity and a very deep understanding and feelings for mankind, Bahram's works have won accolades for an enduring grace, depth of vision and tender strokes. Bahram left home at an early age and travelled widely. He is considered as the creator of a dramatic world of painting. His pictures seem unchangeable, almost as if the image of mankind seems to be a verdict. As Bahram travelled; he kept drinking in the overwhelming disparity in human kind yet, intelligently comprehending a unity. Passionate about colors and emotions, the gifted artist's enduring works display sensitivity and attention to detail that cannot be challenged.


Having observed different cultures and peoples from across the world, Bahram constantly strove to reinvent himself, both as a human being and an artist and tried to rise about it all to bring forth paintings that conveyed the independence and freedom he cherished, undulating in form and poignant with the compelling human tales. An extremely humble person, Bahram has witnessed several wars, and his focus is not so much in fame and fortune as it is in keeping on the task of communicating his constant internal and external struggle, and his appreciation of other's psyche, through his brilliant work.


Born in 1952, Bahram studied arts in Munster, Germany and has been living and working there for several years.

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