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Middle East Professional Photographers (MEPP)

January 2008

This exhibition features a great line up of Dubai's top professional photographers, united for the first time for the inaugural event of the organization ‘MEPP’ (Middle Eastern Professional Photographers). TruColour – Graphics & Exhibitions is the exclusive sponsor of the exhibition. Against the background of the wide range of styles and subject matter covered in the professional arena some of the well known names will show unexpected sides to their abilities, exhibiting more personal work, while others will doubtless choose to demonstrate their prowess in the professional context. The primary skill of a professional photographers is their ability to communicate a visual message; powerfully and succinctly and we can look forward to seeing this skill demonstrated with a variety of approaches. Nabila Abbas, Richard Allenby-Pratt, Nigel Brand, Charles Crowell, Susmit Dey, Nicolas Dumont, Maha Nasra, Edde Fares El-Jammal, Jorge Ferrari, Samar Jodha, Oz Newcombe, Roger Payling, Martin Pfeiffer, Katarina Premfors, Peter Richweisz, Souheil Semaan, Insy Shah, Pankaj Shah, Bassem Smeir, David Taylor-Bramley, Paul Thuysbaert, Trevor Vaughan, Daryl Visscher, Dariush Zandi are the participant photographers. MEPP aims to improve the commercial photography industry, to raise professional standards, and, most particularly, to show support of MEPP's published standards for the contractual implementation of photographer's legal copyrights.

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