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Born 1960

Kermanshah, Iran


Mohseni's work captures the interplay of light and shadows in a beautiful manner moving from sunbathed copses to shadowy alcoves. What is truly attractive is his portrayal of the mountain ranges, against the backdrop of the sunlit skies. Mohseni's inspiration is certainly the picturesque landscape of his country and the faithful representations are his tribute of nature. A curious factor in most of his work is the appearance of a path that leads the viewer in to a maze of greenery. Whether it is in the portrayal of impoverished villages or in dense forests, the path is present to direct the viewer's vision. Or is it an indication of the path of life? Interestingly, he rarely paints human beings.


Hailing from a poor nomadic family near Kermanshah, his father is a farmhand and his mother, a hardworking rural housewife. A school drop out who did not complete his formal education, Mohseni's early passion for art was expressed in his charcoal drawings which he did on any thing he could find. Through his army days and his later job at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohseni's love for art continued to grow. It took him several years of hard work, battling with almost borderline poverty, determined effort and the goodwill of friends who believed in him to find success. It was indeed the cumulation of all this and a justification of his immense talent when he was awarded the Golden Brush Prize at the third Biannual exhibition in Tehran. 


He held his first one-man show in 1994 and has come a long way from his humble beginnings. Landscape, traditional life and nature were always his main subjects to paint and after moving to the UAE he found this passion in the local scenery.

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