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Mohseni Kermanshahi's new canvases

November 2008

Mohseni's gentle and tangible oil paintings evoke depth of his experience, particularly associated with his environment. Widely inspired by nature, from green landscapes of the remote mountains in his hometown Kermanshah to the narrow alleyways of the old quarters of Gulf cities, the peaceful scenes of Al Ain Forts and beauty and harmony of natural characteristic of the UAE. In his most recent paintings, figures are surrounded by local earth tone scapes. His sceneries and portraits give an idyllic image of traditional life. Catching the light and details of scenes he recreates an authentic ambience without being stereotypic. Although best known for his large-scale work, in this exhibition Mohseni will also show a series of small paintings, which he began as a means to interpret the role of human scale and perception in his subjects, using a variety of brushes and paints.

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