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Hands, Hearts, Skins, Eyes

by Mozhdeh Zandieh- Grayson

November 2021



Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson's poetical and phenomenological work incorporates installations, mixed-media drawing, sculpture, photography and motion art. Her practice, which ranges across a variety of media, constantly confronts the viewer with dichotomies and the fragility of human perception and being in continual experimentation with materials. Mozhdeh is a Dubai-based interdisciplinary visual artist. She was born into an Iranian family in Tehran in the chaos and the force of war. Her first sense of art was a refuge from fear of war to the pleasure of imagination. That understanding of contradiction somehow initiates her source of questions and perceptions. Years after, she started her career as a designer and digital artist. However, her focus was on discovering conventional artistic mediums to reach a nonconventional representation of art. In her works, materials have their narration aligned and in line with her concepts. In 2014, her mixed-media photographs were selected and exhibited at Biennale in Paris since she has exhibited, nominated, featured, and participated in several international art shows, events, contests, and awards. In 2019 and 2020, her scale-up digital installations take place in the heart of Dubai Financial Center and DIFC Art Nights.

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