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Nasrollah Afjei

May 2003

Nasrollah Afjei is an internationally acclaimed master calligrapher at the forefront of his field. He has been practising for over twenty-seven years. Afjei has methodically developed an utterly unique style as a result of his extraordinary ability to master a wide range of experimental calligraphic techniques and colour schemes. Afjei believes calligraphy offers a collective language which does not necessarily have to be read to be understood; the energy which encompasses his works is unanimously communicative and emotive, particularly via the strong colour variations that exist in each of the works. Conceptually similar to the colour field artists of the 1960s, who scaled back elaborate landscapes into planes of various hues creating a hypnotic association to their works, Afjei endows his compositions with a universal significance due to the primal emotions aroused within the viewer. Afjei utilises the written word like an engineer: the angles in his scripts are precisely thought out to create a complex myriad of various shapes. As an artist who constantly challenges the preconceived boundaries of calligraphy through trial and experimentation, Afjei succeeds in creating works that remain flawlessly fresh.

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