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Nima Behnoud

March 2014


Total Arts is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Nima Behnoud's studio art in the UAE. The exhibition consists of Behnoud’s latest collection of silkscreen prints on paper as well as his wearable art pieces, highlighting the connection between the two disciplines of fashion and fine art, that the artist has been working with for years. Beautiful hues of bright red, sky blue and orange hit you in Nima’s works, with streaming color into calligraphic abstract forms.


Nima is an amazing colorist, bringing motifs of the Persian culture and calligraphy into a new livelihood, imbuing them with the emotional weight of Persian poetry that they illustrate. Nima Behnoud grew up in an intellectual circle in post-revolution Iran. Nima practiced painting, drawing and silk screening in his teenage years: a practice that later on became the basis for creation of his clothing line NIMANY that he established in 2004 in NY. Today Nima is the creative director of NIMANY, which is being sold in over 25 countries and has gained critical acclaim by being worn by celebrities and has appeared in publications like Vogue, Maxim and Washington Post.


The idea behind the clothing line was bringing Nima’s studio paintings, sketches and drawings inspired by calligraphy and forms reminiscent of Persian arabesques onto clothing: making wearable art. Both in his wearable art, the dimension of his practice oscillating between fashion and art and in his studio art, the colors are bright and sharp. Despite the melancholic meaning of the poetry that may be legible or poignant story of the newspaper print, the sensation evoked is pure pleasure.

Press coverage of the exhibition in Gulf News

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