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On The Road

Yeadon Yeadon

October   2022


In October 2022, Total Arts will host the work of multi-award photographer, photojournalist, and debut fiction author, Dean Yeadon.

Dean, with his family, left their home in Mauritius in 2020 to start the most adventurous journey. They first sailed via St. Brandon and Madagascar to Seychelles. The next leg of their journey was overland in his Land Rover camper-van, taking them via Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, UAE, and finally Oman. A journey of nearly one hundred thousand kilometres, temperatures from 45 degrees celsius to minus sixty degrees celsius, visiting some of the most remote regions of Russia including the Sakhalin and Kuril islands.

The exhibition will also include graphic artwork from his first novel of English fiction, Mzungu Diaries, which explores the writer's creative process as he created the manuscript. This book was completed during their journey.


All prints at the exhibition will be available for sale, the proceeds of which will be donated directly to Bluer Ocean Project for saving the coral reefs of Rodrigues Island. The documentary recently created by YeadonYeadon on this project will also be on show at the exhibition.


Dean is a multi-award-winning photographer, photojournalist, and debut fiction author. Born in South Africa but now a Mauritian citizen, he is drawn to the hardier, most remote areas of the world. Inspired by people, their stories, and the landscapes they live in. He has been travelling with his family in their camper van for the past five years and has visited more than 125 countries, on either motorbike or camper van.

Dean has recently been awarded a silver medal at The Prix de la Photographie (PX3) in Paris for one of his series: Lighthouse Keepers of Sakhalin and also for a 6m x 6m billboard outside Port Louis.

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