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Public Arts I Performance I Workshop

January  2022


January's activities coincide with Quoz Arts Fest, an annual event across the creative neighbourhood of Al Quoz. Share ideas and enjoy activities that bring works of art to life, together with:

Zia Ismail
During her performance, Zia continued development on her concept of CO-EXISTENCE. Laying up the hand-cut and painted pieces of cardboard, she has built up a landscape to accentuate the relationship between nature and humans. The performance ended by writing a one-liner quote on the artwork to make the audience think and reflect. Zia Ismail, an architect by education and practicing artist, her artwork is driven by her love of nature and her in-depth observation of details.


Ivan Bondarenko & Valeriy Petrichenko
in their live mural painting, they have been engaging the viewers by creating a surreal landscape, bringing a hyper-real image and the otherworldly elements, hidden beneath the surface of reality.


Yasmin Sinai
THE GARDEN OF PARADISE  is a cheerful floral installation, in the middle of the Courtyard, created by Yasmin to be the nest for the birds made out of recycled paper by participants during her workshop. The Garden of Paradise is a place for enjoyment and delight and public interaction. Yasmin Sinai is an artist and environmentalist; she creates sculptures out of recycled paper, often as part of larger installations.


Helen Spei
Hand-cut face patterns, large masks out of cartons and wooden sticks are what Helen Spei brings to her workshop.


Karolina Salomea Szwed

Came up from own research on movements, possibilities, and bondage of the body and the body within space. How movements are or are not connected with the mind. The Creative Body found ancient performing arts traditions which connect movements with the mind through hidden philosophy that is deeply rooted in the subconsciousness... which is slowly getting forgotten. Great body awareness and physical strength are kalarippayattu. Connection with macrocosmic energies and rituals is the Odissi dance.

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