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Recent Drawings

Ivan Bondarenko

September 2022


As the summer comes to the end, we are excited to highlight the recent collection of artworks by Ivan Bondarenko, created over the last few months at Total Arts at the Courtyard.


Ivan's meticulous attention to detail is a crossbreed between botanical illustrations and an imaginary world of mythical creatures and illusions. 


In his recent collection, created almost in a meditative state, he explored the use of different materials and technics while pursuing his own artistic language.  

Ivan explored the properties of fire in his artworks and how his drawings traced in various shades of flame could convey and connect.


Ivan (born in 1983) comes from Dnipro a small town in the eastern part of Ukraine and has a Master's Degree in 'Architecture Building and construction with over 10 years of experience working as an Architectural Model Maker. However, his fascination with the mechanism and function of insects’ anatomy and life habitats began much earlier after high school started working at the Entomology Laboratory and Botanic gardens. 

Ivan's work is greatly inspired by the scrupulous observation and study of the segmented body plan of insects and plants anatomy which is now one of the main subjects for his drawings and affected all the other areas of his practice as a model maker, bookbinder, and tattoo artist.

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