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Amadou Kan-si

February 2008


“Ritual” gives an insight into the Islamic attitude of transcendence and traditions without the contemporary rime of bombs and violence. Kan-Si gives a visual representation of a way of life, a philosophy which he shares with more than a billion people in the world, a civilization, a conception of perceiving things, time, space and people. Artistically and visually speaking, the different postures of a Muslim while he is praying are like characters of an alphabet written in the space. They endlessly tell us stories by using characters that only our spirit and our soul can perceive and read more or less easily.

Born in Senegal in 1961, Amadou Kane Sy alias Kan-si graduated from Ecole Nationale des Arts in 1991. A multifaceted artist who works in painting, printmaking, installation, photography, video and poetry, he was in the steering commitee of several organizations and used to be the president and founding member of « Man Keneen-Ki », an artists’association working to safeguard street children in Dakar. He is a founding member and coordinator of the artists collective « Huit Facettes Interaction » that participated in Documenta 11 in 2002. Kan-si has organized as well as participed in numerous artist residencies, exhibitions, and symposia internationally. In collaboration with the African-American artist Muhsana Ali he founded and coordinates with her the activities of Portes et Passages. He lives and works between Dakar, Goree and Joal.

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