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Saady Rashid Al Saffar

January 2005

Saady Al Saffar was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1938 and was introduced to the art of calligraphy at the age of six. He studied in the Iraqi Institute for Arts, and received his BA Degree in Arts from Baghdad University. He is a member of the Iraqi Association of Artists. In 1958, he won the medal of King Faisal Al Thani and then the medal of Abdul Kareem Qasim in 1960. He lived in Yemen where he had an individual exhibition in Sana’a in 1969.


The great Iraqi artist Jawad Salim, who was a very well known calligrapher at the time, influenced Al Saffar. The use of strong colors and carefully selected images reflect his youthful attitude towards life. The social and cultural issues in Iraq are widely reflected in his artworks. Other images that are express in Saady’s painting are his memories of Sana’a, Yemen where he lived for parts of his professional life.

He then moved later to work in Qatar as an art expert in the museum of Sheikh Faisal Al Thani. He worked in sculpture-etching on wood and he has various unprinted poems and stores books. He had many individual and group exhibitions in Iraq and the Middle East. 

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