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Scripts & Letters

December 2010

This exhibition is an overview of the evolution of “Scripts & Letters” in contemporary Iranian art and consists of classical calligraphy pieces by masters along with modern and innovative artworks by establish and emerging artists. In the Iranian view of art, writing has been defined as the materialization of spiritual element, which, at its highest level, reaches the peak of aesthetic glory and becomes akin to divine beauty. Such esteem for calligraphy indicates the spiritual status of the art in Iranian culture, and its ranking as the foremost art throughout the history of Iran. The connection with literature and Persian poetry has been reflected in scripts and letters of Iran and can be traced through history of Persian art. Letters and words has been inspiring source for the artists not only expressing themselves by images but also by words and their synthesis (words into artworks) The traditional calligraphy allows optimum composition of letters with its strict rules for graphical shape and composition of the calligraphy as a whole. While contemporary calligraphy can transform the script to a non-representational illustration, images that are animated, abstract and harmonious with a powerful visual and graphic content. This evolution from the domain of form and technique to that of artistic essence and pure abstract values, where writing is liberated from the constraints of meaning and context can be observed in the recent years.

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