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Self Portraits and Portrait

Soodeh Bagheri, Ahoo Hamedi,

Shideh Tami and Shahla Hosseini Barzi

December 2011

The self-portrait is a self-exploration, an opportunity to see beyond the image in the mirror and begin to search into the soul. It’s not only a fascination to capture one's likeness, but a real exploration of self, deeply revealing and inadvertently displaying feelings of anguish and pain, launching into self study, remembering the past, and as a way to release emotion.

Having long served as doors of reflection for those keen about beauty and thought, mirrors were extensively used by artists in the late 14th century to popularize self-portraiture in a laborious effort to explore their own inner psyche. Soodeh Bagheri, Ahoo Hamedi, Shideh Tami and Shahla Hosseini Barzi are four such women artists based in Tehran, spanning four successive generations. This is a true, raw and inspiring entry into the private, intimate recesses of these women’s minds and emotions.

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