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Around Seven

American University of Dubai faculty

November 2005

These professional artists and designers, hailing from Brazil, Canada, the UK, and US are working in a variety of media, including drawing, print, painting, and installation.

They are a diverse group, yet they are all responding to their environment as artists and designers do. Some inspired by the actual environment of Dubai, whether it's imagery, color use, or Islamic influence, while others are responding to a more global situation.


Participant artists:

Leona Collins (adjunct faculty) will join the exhibition with printed textiles.

Michael Bray (full-time faculty member) was trained and exhibited as a sculptor in Canada and has been developing his painting in Cairo and Beirut. He describes his works as a means of expressing his observation of his location.

Melanie Munnerley (adjunct faculty member) is one of the painters of the exhibition with a background in textiles and printmaking.

Julia Townsend (full-time faculty member) is a painter/illustrator.

Raymond Prucher (faculty member) is a painter, print maker, and installation artist.

Marcello Lima (faculty member) will participate as a painter.

Sarah Lahti (faculty member) will show her graphic paintings.

Roberto Lopardo (full-time faculty member) will be the photographer and video artist of the exhibition.

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