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Shekasteh Scripts

Yadollah Kaboli, Ali Rezvani, Mohamad Haydari

March 2004

Yadollah Kaboli undoubtedly is the master of Shekasteh style, a form of Persian calligraphy which is partly based on the Nastiliq form. Shekasteh literally means "broken", it is difficult to read and characterize by turns & twists, curves & bends connecting words and phrases as one rhythmical composition.


Yadollah Kaboli received his first mastery certificate from Iranian Calligraphers’ Society in 1989. He was born in 1949 Khansar, Iran. 

He is a member of the board of Trustees of the Society of Iranian Calligraphists and also holds a first degree art’s certificate. 

He has published several books and also held many solo and group exhibitions in different parts of the world. 


In this exhibition, Yadollah Kaboli is accompanied by two of his former students - now established calligraphers, teachers and members of the Board of Art Trustees, and Society of Iranian Calligraphers: Ali Rezvani and Mohamad Haydari.

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