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As an accomplished architect, Steven Gifford first found himself drawn to images of monuments, places and cityscapes, capturing the emotion of architecture in watercolor paintings.

He later expanded his subjects to landscape, flowers & abstract paintings.
In his paintings, light & dark, warm & cool, manmade & natural worlds are expressed with the diffused watercolor washes and faint shadows.

Our global culture is evolving in response to the forces of nature we are all experiencing. How can we not see the dynamic power of nature as we observe and also impact our environment? We can clearly see that nature is serenely beautiful and sometimes destructive in it’s devastating force. As each day evolves from morning to evening we cast our eyes upon earth, water, wind and fire as those elements combine into magical compositions but also gather destructive energy in the form of pandemics, erupting volcanos, overwhelming ocean waves and storms that ravage nature and manmade structures. This collection of paintings explores eruptions of energy in our natural world and perhaps provides lenses into how we might live synergistically with our environment - embracing its beauty while respecting the majestic forces of nature.

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