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The Act of Gordafarid, the Female Warrior

Yasmin Sinai

March - April 2018

Yasmin Sinai's “ACT OF GORDAFARID, the Female Warrior” revolves around, and named after, Gordafarid, the only female warrior in the Book of the Kings (Shahnameh) written by the famous Persian poet Ferdowsi. Gordafarid represents a twenty first century woman warrior, playing many roles namely mother, a partner, and worrier defending her father’s castle while fighting her rights, wishes and desires.

In this show Sinai mixes her dramatic art of sculpture making using paper and cardboard to create an immense installation taking cue from the mythical story of this ancient legend and presenting it in today’s context.

The exhibition consists of three theatrical scenes with each one having a new representation of Gordafarid; an actress (puppet) with her horse, an actress with masks representing men in her life, and the third as the leader of group of men warriors. This is an attempt to rediscover the ancient Persian act/performance “Pardeh Khani” and “Naqqali” (story telling) narrating the story of artist life as a 21st century woman.

Paper as a versatile material, strong yet delicate, translucent but firm, smooth though structured, simple still complicated has been Yasmins’ favorite medium throughout her extensive artistic career.


The Act of Gordafarid, the female warrior is the third show of Yasmin Sinai at Total Arts at the Courtyard. Yasmin currently lives and works in Dubai.

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