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The Thread

Maryam Ashkanian, Soodeh Bagheri, and Cecilia Monero-Yaghoubi

March 2014

The Thread presents works by three female artists who incorporate stitching and thread as prominent features in the concept and structure of their work. The show includes small two-dimensional pieces and larger-scale installations by Maryam Ashkanian, Soodeh Bagheri and Cecilia Monero-Yaghoubi, with the threads literally and metaphorically forming a connection be-tween the artworks within the exhibition space.

Thread - one of the humblest yet possibly most versatile materials - has featured in the work of many influential artists throughout the ages and continues to make its mark in contemporary artworks. Maryam Ashkanian’s practice fuses the tradition of sewing with a highly developed painterly skill. In these works, Ashkanian uses elastic thread, working with the particularly changeable properties of the material.


The string, through its expansive and flexible nature, can be seen as a metaphor for the ever-changing physical and social existence of the artist and her relationship with the world around her. By picking apart pieces of used fabric, Soodeh Bagheri creates works that not only present elements of humor, but also establish a continuity between the past and present, between the artist and a previous, other thread of existence. Her works portray a world of fantasy, yet one that also embodies a bitter reality, where time passes us by and leads to an inevitable deterioration of all things. The clothes used in the works of Cecilia Moreno-Yaghoubi act as an extension and abstraction of the body.


In this subtle, yet focused research on the concept of identity, she explores a series of relationships and how, together, they establish an inner dynamic of emotions, reflections on our concept of civilization and women’s issues. The traditional role of clothing is sacrificed for a larger context, becoming a metaphor of our life and love.


Press coverage of the exhibition in Gulf News

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