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Vast Vistas

Niki Karimi

May 2010

Photography has become part of Niki Karimi’s career, since she started criss-crossing Iran, from Tafresh to Kurdistan, Zanjan to Bushehr to perform as leading role in many of the 25 movies she has acted in since 1989. 

“Nothing is stronger and more powerful and yet peaceful than nature, it’s sort of a meditation,” says Niki. 

What dominates Niki’s photos are the feelings of minimalism, quietness, and the sense of solitude. As she says, “you feel alone in the middle of the strength of nature”. 

Juxtaposition and play of dark and light patches and the drama of nature are portrayed in sky and landscape, combined with serenity and peace yet turbulent and dramatic. The forms of the rolling hills and the simple country path lead the viewer’s eyes into the center stage of the scene and often into infinity, in some way reminds the viewer of the dramas of her movies. 

The natural elements like trees, bushes and water, play an important role in drawing one’s attention and like a performer on stage, sitting silently yet captivating.

The photographs in this show are black and white and according to Niki, stress the highlight of the images and focuses on the composition rather than the subject matter.

Niki Karimi is an actress, filmmaker, writer, photographer and translator. She believes these disciplines are connected and have helped her awareness, and the way she expresses herself and her thoughts. 

Niki has won many international awards for her acting. She has directed three films: A Few Days Later (official selection at Rome Film Festival), One Night (official selection at Cannes Film Festival), and To Have Or Not To Have. 

She has also been a jury member in many recognized film festivals across Europe and the Middle East since 2002 and has translated four books to the Persian language.

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