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VISUAL DIALOGUES: Fragments, Notes & Lines

November - December 2018


The exhibition encompasses drawings, paintings and sculptures by three artists: Fereydoun Ave, Shaqayeq Arabi and Ali Razavi, juxtaposing different artistic generations and aesthetics.


Razavi intertwines images of ordinary objects, icons of popular culture, real or imaginary signs & symbols to construct narratives, scenes, and stories. His work addresses the personal and collective experiences of social and intimate life. He is best known for his “graffiti-like drawings”, which he began working on 4 years ago in a sharing studio with artist Fereydoun Omidi. Coming from an advertising background, working on large pieces of such works was a natural step for him.


In this exhibition, his drawings will cover all the walls of the gallery where Mr. Ave’s paintings will be hung over, allowing viewers to perceive the visual play between artists' works.


Fereydoun Ave’s “Homework for Long Winter Nights” presents a body of mixed media works on paper executed in 2018. Inspired by the art of book-making and illuminated manuscripts, Ave has created drawings that appear as pages with elaborate designs in the margins, sans any textual content.

The series first exhibited at Dastan Gallery (March 2018).


Shaqayeq Arabi’s large sculpture is from an ongoing series of work entitled “On Stilts”. Her installation investigates the fragmentary nature of memory and its relationship to actual objects in order to manipulate the understanding of our physical spaces. By combining sculpture with painterly qualities, her work points to shifting relationships between representation, abstraction and materiality. The work contains architectural elements which are familiar in her previous large scale assemblages/installations.

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