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Yemen: Treasure Trove

November - December 2009

Selection of photographs from a collaborative project “Yemen: Treasure Trove” realized in 2009 with participation of 11 photographs and a filmmaker among them: Samar Jodha, Kamran Jebreili, Jason Larkin, Katarina Premfors, Manuel Salazar, Simone Santi, Souheil Semaan, Dariush Zandi and filmmaker Nader Bagherpour.


Yemen, a fertile and wealthy land, is a country with over 7,000 years of history that to this day maintains its distinct character. The way of life, traditions and centuries old architecture make Yemen a living museum. Yemen, was once known to the Romans as Arabia Felix, is the land of Queen of Sheba, the origin of coffee, the caravans traveling between Indian Ocean through the desert to the Mediterranean Sea, the Bedouin, those tribes of desert-dwellers.

Bounded on the west by the Red Sea and on the south by the Arabian Sea, with the great Rub al Khali desert to the north and east Yemen lies in a strategic position between troubled regions in Asia and Africa, and within the Arabian states, and new discoveries of oil and gas attract greed from all sides. Tensions affect the country both internally and externally.

The land of opposites, Bedouin tradition versus urbanization, globalized economic development versus traditional tribal economy, affirms its stability today of the firmly established concept of the patriarchal extended family, held together by economic, social and ethical factors, maintaining traditions and keeping strictly to their own norms.

In this series of photographs, Yemen is presented through the lens of acclaimed photographers who traveled to Yemen in March and May 2009; A treasure trove for all of them.

The project has been initiated and organized by Total Arts in collaboration with Arabia Felix, Marco Livadiotti and Melanie Radicke. Yemenia, Universal Touring Company and Yemen Tourism supported this trip. This exhibition would not have been possible without the generous support of TruColour from Dubai.

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