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Tehran, Iran

Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work spans various disciplines. Her poetic and phenomenological practices encompass installations, sculpture, mixed media, drawing, photography, and motion art, challenging viewers with thought-provoking dichotomies within conceptual spaces. Mozhdeh's art delves into the fragility and sensitivity of human perception, blending opposing elements to evoke a unique sense of both familiarity and unfamiliarity in the sense of inside and outside.

Mozhdeh is a Dubai-based interdisciplinary visual artist, born into an Iranian family amidst the terror and chaos of war in Tehran. Her first sense of art was a refuge from fear to the solace of imagination. This childhood discovery and the subsequent experience of contradiction deeply influence her artistic expression and exploration of perception's personal and collective impact on humanity's future.

She received a BA Degree in graphic design from Soore Art University of Tehran and later in 2020 a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (MAF) from UCA University, UK. She began her career as a Co. Founder and creative designer at Line & Design House studio in Tehran, collaborating with the leading Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. She transitioned and has been establishing roots in the Dubai creative scene since 2006. While engaging in various creative disciplines such as graphic design, set design, product design, and digital art, her focus and curiosity always gravitated towards unconventional fine arts mediums.

In 2014, Mozhdeh's mixed-media paintings gained recognition at a biennale in Paris, where they were exhibited and sold. Since then, she pursued her career as a Visual Artist and her work has been showcased in various art events, awards, publications, and exhibitions across Dubai, France, and the UK. Notably, her large-scale installations, both digital and physical, were featured in prominent venues such as the Dubai Financial Center, and DIFC Art Nights and her pieces also being featured in Art Dubai. Mozhdeh was an active member of the Tashkeel artists community, the featured artist of the Emerging Artists Scene and has been collaborating with Total Arts Gallery, presenting works like "Hands, Hearts, Skins, Eyes" (November 2021) and "The Darker The Brighter" Dark-room Installation (January 2023). Her ongoing project, "Every You, Every Me" Site-specific Installation (2023)  with the subject of “Hope” is her most travelled installation in the UAE, aims to dismiss the wall between art and people by taking the installation to the public spaces.

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