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Born 1974

Tehran, Iran

Shaqayeq Arabi is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Dubai.


Starting to paint and practice calligraphy in the early 1990s, she received a Master's Degree in graphic design from Al-Zahra University Tehran, a BAF from the University of Valenciennes, France, and a MAF from Sorbonne University, Paris.


Arabi’s works are fundamentally abstract yet evoke a range of associations. For her, art is a form of spontaneous personal expression, as well as an exploration of her past and present memory. She finds her point of departure in image, sound, and smell, as well as the sensitivity of the surrounding environment. In sketching, composing and connecting accumulated fragments together, Arabi traces her reminiscences, creating a tangible and touchable reality out of the emotions and sensations.


Shaqayeq’s first solo exhibition was in 1996 in her hometown of Tehran and since then she has had a number of solo and group exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

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